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Breaking Down The Candidates To Replace David Letterman

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Who should replace David Letterman?

It's a popular question being asked since the "Late Show" funnyman announced Thursday he plans to retire in 2015.

In an in-studio interview with CBS 2's Andrea Grymes,'s deputy entertainment editor, Christian Blauvelt, offered his opinion about some of the names being mentioned as possible successors.

Conan O'Brien
"Conan was actually Letterman's replacement on NBC's 'Late Night' show in 1993 after Letterman moved over to CBS. So in a way, there's already kind of a history there between the two of them. But they have a similar style. They're both a little folksy, yet they have this ironic edge. They're irreverant. They also both really kind of pioneered the shift away from stand-up humor to more written-driven humor. So Conan could be a natural fit. He has a show on TBS, though, already."

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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert
"By the time Letterman retires in 2015, Jon Stewart will have hosted 'The Daily Show' for 16 years; Colbert will have hosted his show for 10 years. It seems likely that one of them would be looking for a change. Reportedly, CBS is eyeing Colbert. But it'll be kind of a strange thing. After 10 years of seeing Colbert in character, now suddenly we'd see him as himself. How would we respond to that?"

Chelsea Handler
"It seems like it's about time that we have a woman hosting one of the big three's late-night shows. Chelsea Handler, her show on E!, "Chelsea Lately," just ended. She's definitely an edgy choice. She does rub some people the wrong way for sure. But she's definitely being considered."

Neil Patrick Harris
"Neil Patrick Harris" has a lot of showmanship, a lot of razzle-dazzle. We know he's a great host. He's hosted so many award shows over the years. He's friends with countless celebrities. He would put them at ease. He'd be a great interviewer. He could really be an ideal replacement."

Craig Ferguson
"Craig Ferguson, it seems like he should be the natural successor. He airs right after Letterman. His style might be a little too quirky for the 'Late Show,' but apparently he does have a contract, like a first-look at Letterman's spot; even if CBS doesn't offer it to him, he'll get a huge payday nonetheless."

Jay Leno
"Say what you will, he's one of the hardest-working men in showbiz. He is really just always looking to work. He definitely is plotting a return to TV. Some think that he might replace Piers Morgan on CNN. He and Letterman had a rivalry for so many years. You never know. It would be an amazing end to the late-night wars if he took over."

When asked if he had to bet on one candidate getting the job, Blauvelt answered Colbert.

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