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Bratton Slams DOI Report Attacking Broken Windows Policing Strategy

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was fired up and firing back Thursday evening, after a new city Department of Investigation report attacking his signature policing strategy.

As CBS2's Hazel Sanchez reported, Bratton did not mince words when expressing his distaste for the report released by the DOI and the Office of the Inspector General for the NYPD.

The report blasted the "broken windows" crime-fighting strategy that Bratton has championed for decades – involving going after quality of life offenses to help reduce bigger crimes. It said the strategy is a relatively ineffective method of reducing felony crimes.

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"That report is basically of no value to the NYPD. It is deeply flawed," Bratton said. "I think I have a lot more expertise than the IG, and in this case the Department of Investigation, which I fail to see what role they have in this incidence at all."

The NYPD IG's office and the DOI analyzed five years between 2010 and 2015, finding there was "no relationship" between quality of life arrests and the reduction of more serious crimes.

Mayor Bill de Blasio also refuted the report.

If a government entity puts out any report, we're going to look at it," de Blasio said. "But I agree with the commissioner. The core findings, we don't see merit in."

Diplomatically, de Blasio said he respects the report released in part by DOI Commissioner Mark Peters, whom he appointed to office. But the mayor defended the policing strategy championed by Bratton.

"The same strategy that helped make us the safest big city in America is still making us the safest big city in America," the mayor said.

The DOI quickly responded to de Blasio and Bratton's rejection of its analysis.

"We stand by our report and will continue to make arrests and issue critical reports when needed, without regard to the objections of any officials," the DOI said in a statement.

The DOI said its report was not an analysis of the entire history of broken windows policing. It was only a review of what works or does not work now.

The NYPD is reviewing the report and will issue a response in 90 days.

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