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Police body camera footage shows heated altercation between Bradley Beach police chief, sergeant

Altercation between New Jersey police chief, sergeant caught on body cam video
Altercation between New Jersey police chief, sergeant caught on body cam video 01:55

BRADLEY BEACH, N.J. -- Police body camera video shows a heated altercation between a Bradley Beach police chief and a sergeant.

The footage shows the police chief, who is now on paid administrative leave, in a physical altercation with a sergeant as the sergeant conducted a drunk driving crash investigation back in November.

It all appears to have started when the chief showed up during the DWI stop, unhappy with the jacket the sergeant was wearing.

In the footage, the chief is heard saying, "Why do you got a jacket on that's not fit to be worn?"

TAPintoAsburyPark, an online news outlet, got multiple video angles of the incident through an open records request.

The chief and sergeant ended up on the hood of a patrol car during the altercation, with someone heard saying, "You grabbed me."

The sergeant is also heard on video saying, "He's drunk again ... Chief, get out of here or you are going to get locked up."

The chief then is heard telling the sergeant he's relieving him of his duties, saying, "You're suspended."

We were unable to get comment from the sergeant, who police tell us is still on duty. We tried to get comment from the chief, but no one answered when we rang what we believe is his apartment doorbell.

Bradley Beach's mayor has released a statement, saying he's received the prosecutor's office report on the incident and he'll have something to say next week, adding, "I can't really comment in detail at this time, but I am confident we will have closure shortly."

Under attorney general guidelines, a police chief can't investigate him- or herself. That's why the Monmouth County prosecutor's office is involved.

In a statement, that office says it's conducted an investigation and sent the findings to the borough and that there will be remedy to the issue.

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