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Brad Paisley Is Buying A Cow For Africa's Masai Tribe

Radio morning shows are known for some outrageous stunts. But the one cooking right now at Detroit's WYCD just might take the cake. Or, rather, the cud. 

The activity in question involves a cow, country superstar Brad Paisley, Detroit personality Steve Grunwald, and the Masai tribe in Kenya.

The story began several years ago. Grunwald, producer of the Dr. Don Morning Show on Detroit station 99.5 WYCD, got into a bet with Brad Paisley. Brad had just released a new single called “The World," and he'd heard about Grunwald’s worldwide adventures.

So, during a 2007 interview, Paisley bet Grunwald that he couldn’t travel to ten countries in ten days around the world. Grunwald took the bet.

To make the journey even more interesting, Steve was accompanied by a 6-foot cardboard cutout of Brad Paisley.

Steve Grunwald takes 'Brad Paisley' around the world

For that 2007 trip, Steve's first stop was Tanzania, and on day day two he arrived in Kenya, where he visited the Masai tribe. He also traveled to Bangkok, Taiwan, and other locations.

Brad Paisley Outside a Masai Hut
Brad Paisley (cut out) outside a Masai Hut (Photo by Steve Grunwald/99.5 WYCD)

During a recent WYCD interview, a “flattered and shocked” Paisley said--in response to the photo of his cardboard cut-out in front of a Masai mud hut--“I still can’t believe you did all that. Craziest thing about it to me was that’s like something that should be on the Discovery Channel what you did. And you did this on the radio, which is so odd because no one can see it. It’s like you went through all this trouble and all of us are just listening.”

The proposal currently on the table involves both Brad Paisley and a cow. The Masai tribe has requested that WYCD's Steve Grunwald return to Kenya to purchase a cow for the village, and deliver it in person. The Masai depend on cattle for many things but don’t eat them. According to the Maasai Association, (the tribe's name is spelled as both "Masai" and "Maasai"), the prayer “Meishoo iyiook enkai inkishu o-nkera” translates in English to “May Creator give us cattle and children.” Cattle and children are the most important aspect of the Masai people.

When Brad Paisley heard about this, he was more than happy to help out. He agreed to send Grunwald back to that “Southern Comfort Zone” to get the Masai a cow. “I’m all in," Brad told WYCD. "I mean, it sounds to me like a once in a lifetime opportunity to help out my fellow man, and I’m totally game."

After Brad offered to pick up the tab, it was decided the cow would be named “Paisley.” To which Brad responded, without skipping a beat, “This is another dream come true, I’ve definitely arrived!"

So with Brad Paisley agreeing to foot the bill, the journey is a go. Grunwald will fly to Nairobi to pick up the cow, then transport it by truck to the tribe. To top it off, Paisley also said, “there’s a little something extra in it for you if you’ll ride it into town.”

Read the full story, see photos, and hear the complete Brad Paisley interview on WYCD.

Nanci Haskin/99.5 WYCD

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