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Boomer & Carton: Giants' WR Rueben Randle Faces The Music

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Rueben Randle is an NFL wide receiver starting for a first-place team, but that first-place team has not won a game in over a month.

On Sunday, the Giants lost to the Jets and some believe Randle, himself, factored largely into the defeat when he failed to complete his route on a play that resulted in a costly Eli Manning interception.

So with all that said, the 24-year-old wideout joined Boomer & Carton on Tuesday morning to face the music.

Randle reacted after learning that his head coach, Tom Coughlin, described him as "befuddling" and he talked about playing on team where Odell Beckham Jr. gets all of the attention. He said he has never done anything socially with his quarterback, and as far as maxing out on the bench press, Randle confidently said he could get 265 up with no problem.

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