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Boomer & Carton: Boomer Thinks He Might Have Some Form Of CTE

During Monday's show, Boomer and Craig got into a discussion about concussions in football, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy issues that have caused controversy and have led younger NFL players to choose early retirement.

Boomer admitted he might have CTE.

"If I died tomorrow and my brain basically was taken and researched and I was found to have CTE, which most likely I have," he said, adding, "Because I think all football players probably have it."

Boomer's comments followed a recent study on 202 former football players that found evidence of brain disease in nearly all of them, from athletes in the NFL, college and even high school.

It was the largest update on CTE, a brain disease linked with repeated head blows.

To hear the discussion, please click on the audio link above.

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