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Experts Say Now Is The Time To Book Your Holiday Travel

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – It's only September, but experts say you should book your holiday travel sooner than later.

New data shows now might be the best time for cheap flights.

Should you buy now to avoid the price surge, or wait and hope they will drop? According to new data trends from Google's travel team, if you want to save, don't wait.

Regardless of the destination, Google says airfares will likely go up 75 days before departure, then again 35 days before.

In fact, the company says if you wait to book your trip until October, you will likely see a 95 percent increase. If you procrastinate until November, there will likely be another 30 percent hike.

Not all experts agree, though.

Travel website Hipmunk says it's not too late to book next month. It says the first week in October is the optimal time for Thanksgiving flights.

Whichever you choose, experts recommend flying on Thanksgiving Day for the cheapest flights and smallest crowds. Instead of flying back the day after Thanksgiving, extend your trip and return midweek if possible.

You might also want to think twice about traveling with holiday gifts. Avoid paying extra baggage fees by shipping presents in advance or shopping online and having them delivered to your destination.

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