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High schooler on Long Island finds severed arm, leg discovered nearby, police say

Human body parts found in Babylon, police investigating
Human body parts found in Babylon, police investigating 02:02

BABYLON, N.Y. -- Police say human body parts were found near a popular park in Babylon, and some of the remains were found by a student heading to high school.

Officials tell CBS New York this is being treated as a homicide, with caution tape strung up all around this neighborhood. There are still more questions than answers at this point.

A Suffolk County crime lab and a medical examiner vehicle were seen driving past Babylon Elementary School on Thursday afternoon, heading to a crime scene.

Police say that a high school student discovered a severed left arm as she was walking to school around 8:40 a.m.. Authorities say the body part was found on Siegal Boulevard right near Southards Park Pond, which is a popular area attraction.

That student called her father, who came to the scene and called 911.

After authorities were contacted and arrived to the scene, they say a K-9 unit then discovered a leg in a mound of leaves close by on Graham Place between Beverly Road and Martin Place. Hours later, the dog found a third body part -- a severed right arm -- about 20 feet away from the initial scene on Siegal Boulevard.

Police say the remains appear to be male.

This all happened right by two schools, including Babylon Elementary School. Neighbors were in disbelief.

"It's very scary. It's very close to home. All of my children go to school here," Nicole Bonsignore said.

"For a child or an adult to find body parts, it's very disturbing," another person said.

The superintendent of the Babylon School District sent out an email to area parents saying recess would be held inside Thursday to avoid interfering with the investigation, and dismissal procedures were modified, as well.

The email goes on to say:

"The safety and mental health of our students is our number one priority, and we know this incident may be causing some extreme anxiety among our students, particularly the high school students who were directly affected by this situation on their way to school this morning. We applaud them for their diligence in reporting their disturbing discovery to our building administration and law enforcement. Our mental health resources are ready to assist our students at all grade levels, and we encourage any student feeling uneasy, anxious or scared in any way to please take advantage of them during this time.   

"Although this investigation is unrelated to our schools, we will continue to work with law enforcement to provide whatever help we can. Rest assured, you will be the first to know should any information arise out of this investigation related to our Babylon Schools community. As of now, any additional questions should be directed to Suffolk County law enforcement.

"I sincerely appreciate your patience and cooperation regarding today's disruptions, particularly around dismissal time. I encourage any parents feeling uneasy about this situation to reach out to my office."

Suffolk County Police suspended the search Thursday night. It will resume Friday morning.

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