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NYPD Releases Bodycam Video Of Moments Leading Up To Hamilton Heights Police Shooting

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Police body camera video made public Monday shows a frightening confrontation between an emotionally disturbed man and two NYPD officers.

The man got shot by an officer, but survived. CBS2's Ali Bauman explained Monday how the confrontation escalated.

Timestamped 5:30 p.m. Oct. 22, an NYPD body camera was rolling as two officers walked up to the door of a sixth-floor apartment on West 143d Street in Hamilton Heights – responding to a 911 call for a suicidal man inside.

Officer Gino Guerra, a rookie on field training, appears in the video. The camera was attached to Officer Alvin Pizarro, who has 11 years on the force.

In the video, the officers knock on the door, ask, "How you doing?" to the man who opens, and order him to put a knife down. A gunshot is then heard.

Minutes later, Paris Cummings, 27, is carried out on a stretcher with a single bullet in his leg. He has since been charged with attempted murder of a police officer.

Investigators recovered two knives they said Cummings was holding when he initially opened the door and retreated in his apartment.

The officers yelled to drop the knives while backing up, but Cummings was picking up speed toward them as the shot was fired. He collapsed and the video cut to black.

Police sources said Cummings had already stabbed himself in the neck before officers arrived.

Cummings has since recovered.

CBS2 also asked police when footage will be released from a deadly shooting two weeks ago in the Bronx, when officers shot and killed a man with knife after he allegedly stabbed two security guards at a homeless facility, A police representative told CBS2 that bodycam video is released in order, and we can expect to see it next week.

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