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Bloomberg: Rail 'No Ride' List Difficult To Enforce

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Calls for airlines to hand their no-fly lists to the nation's largest rail carrier are not sitting well with New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Mayor Bloomberg said he's not keen on the idea of a "no ride" list for Amtrak trains.

"I think in a practical point of view, it would be very difficult to enforce," he told WCBS 880's Marla Diamond.

On Sunday, New York senator Charles Schumer was one of those pushing for the "do not ride" list.

"Anyone, even a member of al-Qaida could purchase a train ticket and board an Amtrak train without so much as a question asked," Schumer said.

While Bloomberg said there are no serious threats to the trains at the moment, security around the city has been tightened in recent days.

WCBS 880's Marla Diamond reports: Bloomberg Not Keen On No Ride List


"We're doing everything we can and let us pray nothing happens. The bottom line is I feel safe and you should feel safe going down there," said Bloomberg.

But rail riders have been more on edge after two major security breaches over the weekend.

Five men in two seperate incidents Sunday managed to sneak in train tunnels under the city.

And last week, intelligence seized during Sunday's raid on Osama bin Laden's compound, revealed a plan in the works to target the nation's rail system, possibly on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Bloomberg says if something did happen the city's first responders are as prepared as they could possibly be.

Do you think we should have a "No Ride" list for trains? Let us know in our comments section.

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