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Bloomberg: Gas Rationing To Stay In Place At Least Through The Weekend

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the odd-even gas rationing program will remain in effect at least through the end of the week.

WCBS 880's Rich Lamb reports


"And we are continuing the executive order on odd-even gas purchasing for another five days and then we'll take a look at it then but there's certainly no reason to cancel it. Things seem to be getting better and I don't want to upset the apple cart as we go along," Bloomberg told reporters including WCBS 880's Rich Lamb.

The rationing limits drivers to filling up on odd or even days, depending on the last digit of their license plate number.

Mayor Bloomberg said the system, which went into effect last Friday, has been working.

"Reports are that lines and wait times for gas have dropped considerably and we estimate now based on counting by our police department, so we think our data is pretty accurate, some 60 percent of gas stations are now open. That's a major increase from last week," he said.

New Jersey implemented odd-even gas rationing in the days after superstorm Sandy, but the restrictions were lifted on Tuesday morning.

The storm knocked out power to many gas stations and fuel was slow to reach the Tri-State Area in the immediate aftermath of the storm.

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