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Heartwarming Duo: Couple Gets Their Blind Dog His Own Seeing-Eye Dog

NORTH CAROLINA (CBSNewYork) – It's a common thing to see a person with vision problems using a seeing-eye dog.

On National Puppy Day of all days, meet the adorable pup that's found his calling being the seeing-eye dog for another four-legged friend.

Charlie, an 11-year-old golden retriever, was suffering from severe glaucoma in 2016 when his owners were forced to have doctors remove their friend's left eye.

A year later, Adam and Chelsea Stipe had to have Charlie's right eye removed as well – leaving the senior dog completely blind.

That's where four-month-old Maverick comes in. The Stipes' new addition hasn't just become a companion for Charlie, he's now the senior's guide and service pup.

The Stipes set up an Instagram account for the heartwarming duo and their photos have quickly gone viral – drawing over 67,000 followers after just one week online.

Adam and Chelsea say Maverick helps their blind best friend with everything from walking, to playing, to eating, and even sometimes being used as a pillow by the big retriever.

The Stipes say Charlie is working on teaching his seeing eye dog manners.

A story that proves service dogs aren't just for people and new friends can come in all shapes and sizes.


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