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NYC's Black Tap Creating Magical Milkshakes Worth Every Bite

Milkshake mania has hit New York City and we're officially on board. Move over delicious burgers and beer, and make way for the milkshakes over at Black Tap. Just when we didn't think anything could top the juicy burgers and diverse craft beer selection over at Joe Isidori's Soho hotspot, these insanely fun ice cream and candy creations hit the counter. By Carly Petrone.

Black Tap Cotton Candy Milkshake
(credit: Instagram/blacktapnyc)

If you follow Black Tap on Instagram, you may have noticed these dream-like milkshakes exploding on their feed recently. The Cotton Candy takes you back to childhood, with a sweet strawberry shake base and toppings that look like a kid ran through a candy store. The soda fountain glass acts as a canvas as it's coated with everything from pink and pearl-colored chocolate balls (attached to frosting, of course) to piles of pink and blue cotton candy. And every drink needs a garnish, right? They've got you covered with rock candy lollipops and one extra large swirly lollipop that makes you feel like you've stepped right into Willy Wonka's factory.

Black Tap Sweet n' Salty
(credit: Carly Petrone)

Next up: The Sweet n' Salty. Whether you're craving chocolatey candy or salty snacks, this is the milkshake for you. The shake itself is made with chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter, giving it an even richer base. If you can make your way through the mounds of whipped cream, you'll notice that the glass is rimmed with peanut butter and chocolate frosting in order for all of the M&M candies and miniature Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to adhere to. Resting comfortably next to your red-striped straw is a massive chocolate M&M-coated pretzel and two pretzel rods. This one can get messy but in the best way. Who doesn't want to scoop up all that salt and sugary goodness?

Black Tap The Cookie Milkshake
(credit: Instagram/blacktapnyc)

Finally, the third option on the menu is The Cookie. But we warn you: this isn't your mom's typical recipe. This vanilla shake is anything but ordinary thanks to the cookie crumbles and chocolate syrup that adorn it. Did we mention there's an entire chocolate chip cookie sandwich to get through? That is, if you can make it passed the two chocolate chip cookies that lay between it, as well as more frosting and whipped cream. And just like the two other options, the glass is coated with frosting and plenty of extra cookie crumbs.

Black Tap Red Velvet
(credit: Instagram/blacktapnyc)

As if these three milkshakes weren't enough, Isidori is always expanding his menu for special holidays and occasions. Up next? The Red Velvet. This Valentine's Day-inspired drink is a chocolate milkshake topped with Hershey's kisses, red M&M's, and chocolate frosting around the side. But the real kicker with this one? It's crowned with a slice of red velvet cake. Yep, now you can have your cake and your milkshake too.

Black Tap
(Credit: Facebook/blacktapcraftburgers).

So, how did Black Tap come up with these wild creations? Owner and Chef, Joe Isidori, gave us the inside scoop on how these amazingly fun milkshakes came to life, which one is his favorite, and what to expect on the menu moving forward. How did you come up with these fun milkshakes? Were you thinking the bigger the better?

Joe Isidori: My wife was the inspiration behind the milkshakes! One day she wanted a cotton candy shake, so I made her one with all the bells and whistles. What's your favorite shake?

Joe Isidori: The Cotton Candy, of course! Do most customers finish their shakes?

Joe Isidori: Yes! Customers finish their shakes all the time. Any new flavors in the works that you can share with us?

Joe Isidori: We're excited to be offering a Red Velvet Milkshake for Valentine's Day coming up, and we'll have one for St. Patrick's Day after that. Most popular flavor request from customers?

Joe Isidori: The Cotton Candy shake is the most popular and definitely the most colorful. Your milkshakes look like playful works of art. Was there a lot of trial and error when first putting these together?

Joe Isidori: We always play around with the different toppings and add-ons before we decide. Sometimes it comes down to what will balance on the shake! What's your idea of a perfect Valentine's Day?

Joe Isidori: My wife and I have been going to Carbone for Valentine's Day for three years. Veal Parm for two is perfect.

Black Tap
(Credit: Facebook/blacktapcraftburgers).

It may be the dead of winter but customers are still standing in a line around the block to warm up with these candy shakes. The icing on the milkshake? These tasty treats are available at both Black Tap locations in Soho and the Meatpacking District.

Black Tap Soho
529 Broome St.

Black Tap Meatpacking
248 W. 14th St.

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