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Black Ice A Concern As Temperatures Plunge, Making For Potentially Treacherous Morning Commute

NEW JERSEY (CBSNewYork) -- The cold temperatures are turning slush into ice, leading to dangerous conditions on the roads.

While main streets were plowed, many side streets may still be covered in snow. Drivers, especially on those side roads, should be prepared for an icy commute in the morning.

Giant snowbanks and glossy streets. The sheen in the center of Ridgewood isn't from the colorful lights on the tree. It's black ice.

"A lot of packed ice and slush and stuff on the side roads," Steven Grande told CBS2's Jessica Layton.

Grande, a registered nurse, was excited to relax after working overnight and white-knuckling it home in the storm Thursday morning.

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On Thursday night he made a quick trip downtown to grab dinner, knowing the conditions would quickly deteriorate, again.

"It's probably gonna freeze even more, so people should really be careful," he said.

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As the temperatures tank, already wet roads re-freeze. It's a danger that can linger long after a storm blows through.

It's often less obvious than the sludge and snow still packed on residential side streets, like the ones Layton saw in Bergen County.

Some drivers were forced to reverse when revving the engine didn't get them up a hill.

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"Very dangerous," said Vinnie Geraghty, who chose to walk to pickup a pizza after he struck out trying to get delivery from a few other places.

"I did call three Chinese restaurants for delivery and they refused to come out. Said their drivers had gone home. They quit... Because the roads were too slippery," he said.

"It's been very busy, very nice tips," a delivery driver told Layton. "You just gotta drive slow... Give people the right of way... If you're not an essential worker, you shouldn't be on the roads."


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