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'Bio-Hacking' Offers Next-Gen Ways To Maintain Wellness

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Apparently hacking isn't just for computers anymore.

There's a new health trend going viral that involves hacking our bodies -- but are there any real benefits to "bio-hacking"?

It's far from your regular exercise equipment or routine. Bio-hacking is part of a growing movement tracking your data to improve your health.

"This is the 'Nano-V," bio-hacker Stephan Brezinsky said. "This is going to repair my DNA and read the structure of my proteins at a cellular level."

The oxygen machine claims to trick your body into repair mode, similar to resting after exercise. Other examples involve a Oura Ring to track heart rate and calories, or working out with artificial intelligence exercise equipment such as an ARX machine to slice your gym time.

"I work out on average less than 40 minutes a week and I'm in the best shape of my life," Hack'd Fitness founder Pamela Gold said. "I have more energy, I'm sleeping better and healthier."

Gold studied microbiology at Yale, but says bio-hacking saved her time when she became a mom.

Hack'd, the first fitness center of its kind in New York City, offers a clear light infrared sauna that uses colored lights and sound. It's said to increase circulation and heart health.

"I'm 73-years-old, my friends are dying left and right and it's always one thing or another so I'm just trying to keep ahead of the alternative," Russell Diaz said.

Dr. Ronald Primas, a specialist in internal medicine, says bio-hacking won't go as far as reversing aging, but there's some research to prove it could slow it by using techniques like meditation and intermittent fasting.

"Reduction in blood pressure, reduction in stress, reduction in cortisol levels," Primas said.

He says smart fibers are the next step.

"In 10 to 15 years, people will be wearing almost an underwear that measures all your data," Primas said. "If it shows an uneven rhythm, it'll send an email or alert to a family member or physician. This is what the future is going to be."

Before you start other bio-hacks such as putting grass fed butter in your coffee, or eating odd mushrooms to boost your memory, physicians say do your research and contact your doctor.

Experts say the most simple bio-hack is to take a cold shower, which boosts your circulation and gets your adrenaline going.

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