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Beyonce's 'Lemonade': Infidelity, Daddy Issues And Other Speculations

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)-- It's no surprise when bees buzz around lemonade. But today, "Queen B," also known as Beyonce, is getting a swarm of attention from her latest album.

Much of it has to do with her hour-long music video which prompts the question, has Jay-Z been cheating?

Beyonce's sixth studio album "Lemonade" was released this weekend for download, along with an hour long "visual video" that aired on HBO.

Instead of talking about the new music, most people were left wondering if Jay-Z has had unfaithful tendencies, CBS2's Jill Nicolini reported.

"Looking at my watch you should have been home today. I regret the night I put that ring on," are just some of the lyrics from the new album. It continues with, "better call Becky with the good hair."

"Then the speculation began who was Becky with the good hair? Rachel Roy, a friend of Jay-Z's who was married to his business partner Damon Dash jumped into the fray with this tweet," Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier said.

The post read, "Good hair don't care, but we will take lighting for selfies or self truths always, live in the light."

"That sent the beehive into overdrive! They literally lost their minds attacking Rachel," Frazier said.

She then deleted her post, but not before "The Shade Room" and others took screen shots.

Rachel Roy is also a well-known fashion designer, who Frazier said was possibly the reason behind the 2014 elevator fight with Beyonce's sister Solange and Jay -Z.

"Came into this world daddy's little girl. Daddy made a soldier out of me," another lyric reads.

"Could it be about her father who had affairs and had two babies with other women and that was something that devastated her? Remember she is 'daddy's little girl,'" Frazier speculated.

Lemonade is expected to become Queen Bey's sixth straight number one album .

"I think that it has helped bond women together women. They watch this and are moved by the message and in many instances can understand and feel her pain so I don't know for sure he cheated on her. I do know no matter what, open honesty or brilliant marketing it, has touched a chord and will sell like crazy," he said.

Frazier predicts that if Beyonce is going to address the matter further, she'll do it during a concert to fans.

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