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Best Tips For New York Moms Of Multiples

What's harder than hauling a stroller down subway steps or trying to get your child into a New York City preschool? Doing it with two or more kids at a time! Here are our favorite resources for New York City moms with their hands full.

Connect with Mothers of Twins and Multiples Clubs

Twin Girls
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Your children have each other -- but you need a support system too. Here are the local NYC moms of multiples Web sites. Get advice, share your stories or just find a shoulder to lean on.

National Mother of Twins Club
Manhattan Mothers of Multiples
Queens Mothers of Multiples
Staten Island Mothers of Multiples
Bronx New Mommies Group (not specifically for multiples)
Brooklyn Parents of Twins Club

Multiples Childbirth Classes

St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
1000 Tenth Avenue
New York, NY 10019
212-523-BABY (2229)

Preparing for a multiple birth is different than a singleton. Learn the best practices, gain confidence and get educated about what to expect from a multiple childbirth.


Multiples don't come with manuals but this series of New York City based classes and lectures can help you prepare for what lies ahead. And there's a newborn class to help you through those early panic stricken days as well! Schedules vary so check out their website for location and class times.

Double Strollers (And More!)

When you live in the city with kids chances are you may not own a car – but you will own at least one stroller. Buying a double stroller can be a daunting experience but these stores can help you navigate the big questions – Side by Side or Back and Front, All Road or Umbrella?

Albee Baby
715 Amsterdam Ave.
New York, NY 10025
(212) 662-8902

This Upper West Side emporium has been around since 1933, has a super knowledgeable staff, a great website and fast delivery.

41 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10010
(212) 228-3540

A downtown store chock full of everything your babies will need. The staff has great advice on strollers and a registry so you can pick out everything you need.

Rebecca Levey is a blogger with Beccarama.
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