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The 5 Best Secret Bars In Brooklyn

Most New York City aficionados pride themselves on knowing the best hangouts, eateries and watering holes. More often than not, however, those "in-the-know" spots tend to be places everyone knows about. The best destinations are supposed to be hard to find: speakeasies with a hidden entrance, bars without a sign, rustic homes featuring an eclectic wine collection within. These are some of Brooklyn's hidden gems loaded with fun and booze.

No Name Bar
597 Manhattan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Boasting fine woodwork, this neighborhood bar without a name has caught on with locals and is garnering a loyal following. With an interesting drink menu and plenty of bathrooms, this is an ideal stop on a hot summer's night. Outside, enjoy one of the biggest and best bar backyards in all of Brooklyn. If closed quarters are more your thing, you'll be right at home inside their dark, yet romantic indoor atmosphere. You'll get the most bang for your buck with cocktails -- they're strong and made by some of the most efficient bartenders around.

Nightlife & Music Secret Bars, Dark Bar
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Matt Torrey's
46 Bushwick Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 218-7646

A neighborhood bar with affable mixologists and an impressive beer selection define Matt Torrey's. In terms of atmosphere, expect wooden decor and a romantic ambience. Unlike most cozy nooks, however, Matt Torrey's has ample space with tons of seating, making it a great place to go with a group. In addition to the large alcohol selection complete with local brews, you can also nosh on sandwiches and enjoy the view from their massive windows.

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Nightlife & Music Secret Bars, Black Mountain Wine House
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Black Mountain Wine House
415 Union St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 522-4340

A favorite among food critics and the pickiest of connoisseurs, Black Mountain looks like a Central New York log cabin in the middle of hipster-central. But don't let the rustic look fool you. With a comprehensive and rotating menu, you're in for more than camp fare. In addition, Black Mountain Wine House lives up to its name with a lengthy wine list for the perfect complement to a fine meal. The combination of atmosphere and fine dining makes this a great setting for a unique first date.

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Nightlife & Music Secret Bars, Larry Lawrence
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Larry Lawrence
295 Grand St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 218-7866

The street view of Larry Lawrence's facade is anything but flattering, giving it a true speakeasy vibe. Once you descend the stairs, however, prepare for a lesson in minimalist ambience and subtle flair as this "open but intimate space" will encourage sophisticated conversation without breaking apart large groups. Brick, wood paneling and custom furniture adorn this space, and the outdoor balcony is a must-see. With this level of class, Larry Lawrence is a perfect place to start or end the night.

Nightlife & Music Secret Bars, Narrows
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The Narrows
1037 Flushing Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11237
(281) 827-1800

Offering a set of diverse cocktails from the literary Caufield's Dream to the medicinal Penicilin Cocktail, the Narrows is small, but always interesting. The bar can get crowded rather quickly, so arrive early if you'd like to beat the rush. Otherwise, kick back and enjoy the cozy ambience and diverse drink selection. In addition to custom cocktails, Narrows also serves up fare, including $1 oysters every day until 8 p.m.

Matt Thomas is a freelance writer who has published articles and stories in The Village Voice,, The Worcester Review, The Journal of American Culture, and many others. His work can be found at
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