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NYC's Best Online Delivery Services: Amazon Prime, UberEats, More

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There is one thing that New Yorkers cannot live without, and that is food delivery. From on-demand food apps to meal kits, companies are bringing some of the finest restaurants and meals right to New Yorker's doorsteps. By John Friia/Lawrence Bonk

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Some of the finest restaurants in the city are at the fingertips of every New Yorker with UberEats. The on-demand meal delivery service caters to all cravings, including vegan, Italian, Indian and more. New Yorkers just have to enter their address to access the expansive list of restaurants that deliver right to their doorstep. There are also exclusive offers for UberEats users that are too delicious to miss, including free Magnum Ice Cream and $10 lobster rolls.

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There is a new solution to the lunchtime dilemma with MealPass. Pay a monthly fee, and in exchange, receive lunch from one of the participating restaurants in the area, which includes numerous restaurants south of 59th Street in Manhattan. Members can select their weekday lunch from a roster of eateries that post their menu on the night before, and the orders need to be placed by 9:30 in the morning to allow enough time for the restaurant to prepare the food. All members have to do is skip the line and head out, without giving the restaurant any extra cash.

(Credit: Amazon)

Amazon Prime

The online giant has joined the on-demand food delivery service exclusively for Amazon Prime users. Offering a one hour delivery, Amazon Prime Now is available in some of the biggest cities across the country, including Manhattan, Los Angeles and Miami. There is an endless list of restaurants that people can choose their meal, including Junior's Restaurants and Cheesecake to Brother Jimmy's. Just place your order through the Amazon Prime app. On average, restaurants delivery the meal within less than 40 minutes, but will take no longer than an hour.

(Credit: HelloFresh)


While it is convenient to order food lunch or dinner from an app, sometimes New Yorkers are looking for something easy to cook. HelloFresh gives people the chance to become the family chef. The leading global meal kit delivery service, HelloFresh offers three box options that can feed between two to four people. The three options include the bestseller, Classic Bic, with seasonal produce, fish, meats and grains; the Veggie Box, with seasonal vegetable and grains; or the Family Box, with natural ingredients and twists on classic dishes. The delivery service also teamed up with Jamie Oliver Limited, and people can cook like the famous chef every week.

(Credit: Gobble)


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There is a new meal kit delivery service coming to the city that does all the prep work for busy New Yorkers so they can be the gourmet chef for their family in less than ten minutes. Gobble allows families to cook with fresh, local seasonal ingredients that can be cooked in one pan -- so there is minimal cleanup. The meals are affordable and can be purchased online, and are delivered to your doorstep within a day. Since Gobble strives to deliver the freshest ingredients, deliveries are made on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


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This may be the one that started it all. Simply go to the Web site, and fill your basket up with all sorts of tasty goodness -- it arrives the very next day. They offer a full range of produce, meat and even fully prepared meals.


Why should you be the only one that gets tasty food delivered to your gullet? Look into your dog and cat's precious little eyes! Shouldn't they also partake in the convenience? That's where PetFlow comes in. It's basically Freshdirect, but for your pets. The site has a great search engine that lets you decide the best food for your favorite bud based on a number of criteria. Then you order as much as you want and pay a small fee for the delivery. That's it. Precious little Fido is gonna be chowing down in no time.


GrubHub is just what the name implies: A hub of grub. You can peruse the menus of your favorite takeout joints and place an order, all via the Web site. The tip can be left there as well, to make things even easier. Then all you do is wait. The site gives you an approximate arrival time and all you have to do is queue up your favorite Netflix Instant movie and get ready to eat.

This service is eerily similar to GrubHub. You put in your address and the site queues up a bunch of affiliated restaurants that deliver to you. There are, however, a few differences. The Web site doesn't deal in just takeout food. It handles groceries and other knickknacks. Delivery also has an odd, and admittedly fun, prize functionality. Each order presents you with points and the points can be redeemed for coupons and a variety of prizes.


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This site fills the void left by the late, great It's basically a herbal supplement shop that delivers the healthy doo-dads right to your front door. Kamwo has just about every reputable Chinese herbal supplement available, not to mention acupuncture and aromatherapy supplies. The company also features a store-front in Little Italy that has been serving up ointments and powders since 1973.


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Most may agree that one of the loneliest and wretched places on earth is the laundromat. Just sitting there. Hours on end. Wishing you were anywhere else. Many big city laundromats will wash and fold your clothes for you, but that still requires lugging it down the street or wherever. Hamperville has you covered. Their devoted laundry agents will show up at your apartment, scoop up your dirty clothes, then return them when they are properly laundered. The company also handles dry cleaning and tailoring.

John Friia is a freelance journalist and native New Yorker writing about food, drinks and lifestyle. You can follow his adventures on Instagram.

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