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The 5 Best 'Mommy (and Daddy) & Me' Classes In NYC

Mommies and Daddies all around NYC become increasingly bored, especially in the cold wintery weather.  Here are some classes with opportunities to get out of the house to meet new friends and parents while teaching your children various life lessons and entertaining them with exciting activities!  CBSNewYork did the research for you.  Now it's your turn to pick and choose which classes peak your interest!

Baby Fingers
Photo: Baby Fingers

Baby Fingers

Location: Call contact for different locations depending on classes in Manhattan
Contact: (212) 874- 5978

This unique class teaches parents and babies how to sign, using American Sign Language.  Come meet parents with the same parenting philosophies as you, which combine signing with music, games and dramatic play!  This progressive and unique class teaches children how to communicate easily and as early as 4- 6 months old!  Children become less frustrated, as they learn how to communicate their wants and needs to their parents without words! Prices vary depending on class time and location.

Take Me To The Water
Photo: Take Me To The Water

Take Me To The Water

Email: Available on the website
Location: Various spots around Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn
Contact: (888) 794- 6692 (10am-2pm is the best time to call)

Established in 1984, the goal of this Mommy and Me program was to provide water safety instruction in a nurturing, sociable environment.  Located in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, this program continues to follow a curriculum based on water safety instruction, meeting the individual needs of each young swimmer.  Once children learn how to swim, their self- confidence is boosted and they become motivated to reach a higher swimming level.  Swim instructors are carefully selected through a screening process.  They are required to have years of teaching experience to even apply.  With over twenty locations throughout NYC, classes are uniquely taught in private and luxurious health clubs with heated pools for your comfort.  The program considers small class sizes to be of great importance.  Swimmers can take private lessons and adults are welcome to take lessons as well!

City Treehouse
Photo: City Treehouse

City Treehouse

Email: Email form available on website
Location: 129A West 20th Street btwn 6th and 7th Avenue
Contact: (212) 255- 2050
Cost: $20 and up
Age: Newborn- 7 years

Founded by a mother of twins, classes at City Treehouse include sign language, music, playgroups, infant and mom and dad yoga, and much more.  Classes include Fun with Numbers, Sharing and Caring, Ready to Read, Crafty Tots, and Look in a Book.  Offering custom classes designed for your children's interests and needs, this spot has the largest indoor water play area in all of NYC with a tree house hideout, optic caves, and classes that inspire children to learn and reach their highest potentials.  Visit the website or call for information about classes and hours.

Karma Kids
Photo: Karma Kids Yoga

Karma Kids Yoga

Location: 104 West 14th Street btwn 6th and 7th Avenue
Contact: (646) 638- 1444

Karma Kids Yoga strives to instill yoga practices in children so that they carry these learning experiences throughout their lifetime.  The colorful, exciting and safe studio bodes a 24- foot long chalkboard for children to illustrate their yoga experiences.  Birthday parties and events are held here as well, and they include yoga games and time for relaxation and breathing exercises.  Packages for birthdays range from $500 to $900. Depending on the amount of children and amount of hours.  Although this is pricey, food, drinks, and exclusive use to the studio are all included for up to 10 children.  Parties can be held in your home as well, with the professional staff running everything.  Many classes are offered here, so for schedules, classes and costs, please visit the website as each class differs in cost and times.

Moon Soup
Photo: Moon Soup


Location: Mid-town East, Upper West Side, Hamptons, Astoria
Contact: Mid-town East: (212) 319-3222

Classes are for kids from 2 months of age to about 5 years of age.  Most classes mix music, art, dancing, and reading.  The instructors are very musically inclined and play a variety of instruments.  The kids love the guitar players and get to learn the songs each day they attend the classes.  Mothers are given a chance to exercise and are expected but not required to participate in the classes (unless the child is unable to walk or talk!)  Classes range from Baby Rock for 2-11 month olds, Crawlers Rock for 6- 12 month olds, Rock Tots for 10-22 month olds, and Rock Tots with guitar for 11-18 month olds.  These classes have many developmental benefits, such as active listening, language development, musicality, development of communication skills, impulse control, fine and gross motor skills, social development, and much more, all while having a great time!

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