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Must-Have Fitness Gadgets For Your Perfect Workout

Hypersphere - Best Fitness Gadgets
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From workout gear to equipment, here are some of the best fitness gadgets to help people get into shape. By John Friia

iConnect Scale - Best Fitness Gadgets
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As people beginning their weight loss journey, one item that will become a necessity is a scale. People can try iConnect, a smart scale from Detecto. The scale not only informs people about their weight, it also analyzes body fat, water weight, bone mass, muscle mass and recommended daily calorie intake. The iConnect easily connects to your smart phone so you can track your progress while on-the-go.

Crossropes -- Best Fitness Gadgets
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One of the most of effective ways to tone your body and burn fat is through jumping rope. Crossrope brings an innovative new style to the beloved hobby with their premium jump ropes. Customized to everyone's height, the rope's handle are precision-bearing to control rotation at the correct speed for ease and joint protection. The one thing that sets Crossrope aside from other products is that the ropes are weighted, which means the weight rotates around the body and forces the people to use more muscle power than typical weighted handles.

Hypersphere - Best Fitness Gadgets
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While exercising makes people feel great, there are times when muscles become strained and the body aches. The HYPERSPHERE is an innovative fitness and recovery device that uses a combination of pressure and vibration to lengthen and loosen muscles and improve the body's overall performance. The compact ball is ideal for New Yorkers that are constantly on-the-go because it can easily fit into gym bags, purses or even a briefcase.

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium - Best Fitness Gadgets
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Trekz Titanium

Motivation is key for continuing to exercise. Whether people are running, riding bikes or at the gym, music is one of the biggest motivators. Cords are no longer an issue with the light-weight and comfortable Trekz Titanium Mini wireless headphones, which are one of the safest alternatives to typical headphones. Using bone conduction technology and sound vibrations, these headphones rest on the cheek bone just in front of the ear. As high-quality sound pushes people to finish their workout, it also allows people to remain aware of their surroundings by allowing for ambient noise.

Hydroroller -- Best Fitness Gadgets
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There is an endless selection of athletic water bottles on the market, but none is as gym-friendly as the Hydro-Roller. The new bottle from SKLZ is a combination foam roller and water bottle that people can use during their workouts. This stainless steel, 28 oz. bottle can endure any workout and will help you recover after exercising those muscles.

John Friia is a freelance journalist and native New Yorker writing about food, drinks and lifestyle. You can follow his adventures on Instagram.

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