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Best Family And Child Yoga Classes

New York City offers plenty of places to practice yoga. These are our 4 favorite places with programs for children - youngsters and older kids alike.

Yoga For Two

Yoga And Baby
(file photo)

Pure Yoga East
203 East 86th Street
New York, NY 10028
(212) 360-1888

"Yoga For Two" classes are offered at Pure Yoga East, where they teach an invigorating Anusara Yoga class that is modified for pregnancy. In this class, they also teach you breathing techniques for labor, and how to safely strengthen your abdominal muscles during pregnancy. Yoga For Two also offers Momma Core Yoga, a class with emphasis on postpartum "rehab" and strengthening your core. During "Baby and Me" classes, you also get to practice Anusara Yoga while in the presence of your baby.


(credit: Moomah)

161 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 226-0345

Moomah offers GLOGA, their glow-in-the-dark yoga class. They call this experience "Hayden Planetarium meets Mahatma Gandhi!" Children will learn about their bodies and how they work while exploring ideas like compassion, kindness, gratefulness and love. Classes cover topics like colors, animals, planets emotions and much more. Some days, the children will get to visit an "imaginary forest" or go "underwater" to discover sea creatures. Overall, GLOGA is a great place to teach children all about the mind-body connection. (Photo:

Bend and Bloom Yoga

(file photo)

708 Sackett Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(347) 987-3162
bendandbloom.comBend and Bloom Yoga in Brooklyn offers three different kinds of classes that include kids. The Kids Yoga class teaches kids how to develop strength, flexibility, coordination and an appreciation for our environment by mimicking animals and shapes in nature. The children also get to imagine and "experience" the qualities of other beings: the grace of the wind; the strength of a wise, old tree; the confidence of a lion; and more. As kids participate in imaginative yoga, they learn to focus, to cooperate with their peers, and to use their breath to find calm whenever they need it. The Family Program at Bend and Bloom Yoga allows kids to have their own yoga fun while their parents enjoy their own quiet, uninterrupted practice in the adjacent studio. In their Tots and Family class, parents and children have the option to practice together.

Karma Kids Yoga

Karma Kids
(credit: Karma Kids)

104 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10036
(646) 638-1444
karmakidsyoga.comKarma Kids Studio is great because it's not an adult yoga studio with classes for kids – it's a yoga studio for kids. Besides teaching your little ones basic exercises that promote flexibility, coordination and strength, the breathing and visualization techniques teach them how to focus, relax, and develop self-control.  Karma Kids Yoga also offers a free Story Time every Wednesday at 11:30 am, and Fridays at 3:00pm, for kids up to age 6. They also offer prenatal yoga for the ultimate "Mommy and Me" yoga session and teen yoga classes, as well.

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