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Best Boozy Candies In NY

There is a candy wonderland that awaits anyone looking for a spiked treat. From Scotch and bourbon to vodka, New Yorkers can try these boozy sweet bites.


When it comes to alcohol-infused candy, Sugarfina offers some of the most popular treats. Whether people are rosè, vodka, bourbon or champagne drinkers, this sweet tooth paradise has anyone covered. With multiple locations in New York, people can take out bite out of American Mule Bears or the Vodka Cordials made with Tito's Handmade Vodka. There is even Champagne Bears made with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne.

McCrea's Candies

The beloved caramel candy gets a boozy makeover with McCrea's Candies. While there are 15 mouthwatering flavors, people can try their Single Malt Scotch caramel. It is infused with Ardmore scotch giving the treat a smoky and flavorful bite. Whiskey lovers can take a bite out of the Irish Coffeeblend, which feature flavors of freshly ground coffee with a buttery rich caramel and a dash a whiskey. McCrea's latest boozy delight is the Anisette with the boldness of Sambucca. Besides these spiked flavors, the brand offers Black Lava Sea Salt, Rosemary Truffle and Cinnamon Clove.


The fluffiness of marshmallows gets reimagined by 240sweet. Created by Executive Chef Alexa Lemley, the marshmallows are not the typical marshmallows but are rathered infused with various flavors. Sweet tooths craving a spiked treat can take a bite out of one of their fluffy puffs, including the Rhone Rangers Syrah, Bourbon Cinnamon and the Mojito. For people looking for a little crunch to their marshmallow, they can try the Secret Breakfast, which is a bourbon marshmallow topped with candied corn flake brittle.

Marker's Mark

One of the beverage industry's leading brand in bourbon offers a boozy treat for chocolate lovers. Marker's Mark introduced bourbon infused truffles. There are two types available for New Yorkers, including the Handmade Premium Bourbon Truffles. The four-piece truffle set is made with milk chocolate and hints of caramel, whiskey and vanilla. Within one bite people will discover their favorite Marker's Mark product is the latest chocolatey treat. There is a decadent dark chocolate truffle, which is infused with marker's 46 Bourbon.


Chocolate and wine typically go together, but Bissinger takes the experience to the next level. People can try their irresistible chocolate covered Shiraz-infused wine grapes. The popular chocolate treat takes Muscat wine grapes adds the full-bodied wine and then dips them in dark chocolate.

John Friia is a freelance journalist and native New Yorker writing about food, drinks and lifestyle. You can follow his adventures on Instagram.

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