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NYC's 6 Best Bloody Marys

Have maybe a bit too much fun last night? Or perhaps you're in the mood for a good bloody with your Sunday brunch? We've compiled a list of the top spots where you can sip on what we consider to be the best Bloody Mary concoctions, the queen of the Sunday brunch beverage fare.


Prune Bloody Mary
(credit: Prune)

54 E. 1st St. (Between First & Second Avenues)
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We polled plenty of people in deciding which joints whipped up the best Bloody Mary in this city. Time and time again, Prune was recommended as the place to go - with good reason. After all, how could we not include a restaurant that has an actual Bloody Mary menu? In all, there are 10 different Bloody Marys you can try. Be it the spicy "Southwest" that comes with smoked chipotle peppers; the "Green Lake" that uses wasabi and a beef-jerky stick to light up your mouth; or the intense "Chicago Matchbox," made from homemade lemon vodka, and garnished with pickled brussels sprouts, baby white turnips, and caperberries, among the usual garnish suspects. You've got plenty to choose from, and hey, did we mention they serve a tasty brunch too?

Brother Jimmys

Brother Jimmy's Bloody Beer
(credit: Brother Jimmy's)

7 Locations Across The City
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What we love most about the Bloody Mary at this rowdy BBQ shack is the cajun rub (perhaps Old Bay seasoning?) around the rim, a unique kick for the classic cocktail. Bro Jimmy's doesn't hold back the on the vodka and a delicious garnish too: a bunch of pickled string beans accompany your typical olive and celery mix. And now for the Bloody Mary bonus at Brother Jimmy's: the Bloody Beer. It's Bud mixed with tomato juice, Tabasco, and Worcestershire. Yum!

King Cole Bar

The Red Snapper
(credit: The St. Regis Hotel)

(At The St. Regis Hotel)
2 E. 55th St. (At Fifth Avenue)
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You may not think there's anything spectacular about a Bloody Mary that costs $18, but the history along with the passion behind the cocktail at the King Cole Bar makes this one worth at least a try. You see, the Bloody Mary, according to King Cole lore, was actually born at this bar in 1934 when it was introduced by bartender Fernand Petiot, who referred to his concoction as the "Red Snapper." Though the recipe morphed into the Bloody Mary elsewhere, it stuck on as the Red Snapper here and has become the bar's signature drink. The homemade mix retains Petiot's delightful original recipe, and there's enough vodka in there to work up a zesty buzz.

Char No. 4


196 Smith Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Head to Brooklyn for a Bloody Mary unlike any other you've ever tasted, especially if you're a bourbon lover. Char No. 4 boasts an incredibly fantastic whiskey menu, but they set their own bar on the Bloody Mary when they created the Chipotle Bourbon Bloody Mary, garnished with a house made pickle. Yep, a Bloody Mary with bourbon. It's bold, but goes down surprisingly easy and is more refreshing than one might expect from this odd blend.


Bloody Mary

432 East 13th street (between First Ave. & Ave. A)
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Keybar doesn't disappoint when it comes to any of their specialty cocktails or signature shots, but if you like a mean Mary, then you'll love what their bartenders cook up. Called the "Caesar Canadian Type Bloody Mary," it's a fine blend of vodka, Clamato juice, horseradish, spices, and garnished with jalapeno peppers, olives, and celery. The drink explodes with flavor as it explodes on your palette, and if you've got the gall for seconds, we say go during happy hour, when it's 2-for-1 drinks of any kind until 10 p.m. Tuesday thru Saturday, and all night long on Sunday and Monday.

Church Lounge

Church Lounge
(credit: The Church Lounge/

(At Tribeca Grand Hotel)
2 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013
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The Grand Bloody Mary at the trendy TriBeCa hotspot sizzles with spice. Loaded up with a house pickled carrot, marinated olives, and celery, the bartenders use their spicy tomato juice mixed with Old Bay and wasabi for fiery blend you'll most certainly remember.

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