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Best BlackBerry Apps For New Yorkers

If there's one market the ubiquitous BlackBerry will never lose share in, it's the business user. Having said that, what city is more business-friendly than the Big Apple? So it makes sense that there should be a lot of NYC-centric apps on everyone's favorite old-school smartphone, right? There sure are. Here are our picks for the best BlackBerry Apps for New Yorkers. And who knows, maybe Michael Bloomberg himself has fooled around with some of these apps. Not in the workplace, of course. By Lawrence Bonk.

Starbucks Card Mobile App

(Free) Even the most well-intentioned mom-and-pop coffee shop supporter ends up at Starbucks once in a while. They are on every corner. Well, the company has made it even easier to ignore the small business owner with this new app. It lets you pay for your coffee right from your BlackBerry. We all know New Yorkers like tight pants, and between you and me, they make the removing of wallets rather difficult. No more fumbling around! Just send the payment remotely and you are set. Caffeine nirvana.

NYC Routes

(Free trial; afterward $6) - This is not only the best NYC map platform for the BlackBerry, it may just be the best for any phone. Obviously, it features up-to-date maps and schedules for the subway and bus system. However it doesn't stop there. The app also does the same thing for all other modes of transportation coming and going to and from NYC. This includes Amtrak trains, buses at Port Authority, the ferry system and more. It is a truly useful app for traveling around the city, and more importantly, for getting the heck out the city once in a while.

NYC Alternate Side Parking

($2.99) Everyone knows parking can be annoying here. There seem to be more rules and regulations than a trip to the DMV. You need an angel on your shoulder, a, um, parking angel. NYC Alternate Side Parking is just that cherub. It updates daily and lets you know where you can park, when and for how long. It's the perfect app for New Yorkers who would like to spend only half the day finding a parking spot instead of the entire day.

NY Times DealBook Shortcut

(Free) Financial apps are all the rage for BlackBerry users - and what's better than the NY Times venerable finance section? This app plugs you in to the best and brightest financial news of the day. The whole thing is edited by the NY Time's own Andrew Ross Sorkin. Now you can go to Wall Street and know what people are talking about!

Yippidu NYC Events

(Free) NYC has some of the best nightlife options this side of Jersey. Why wander around all hully-gully looking for something to do? Yippidu has you covered with their NYC Events app, which covers both plays and concerts. Open the app and it will pull up a list of tonight's concerts, plays and other events. It also features Twitter functionality so you can let your friends know when you are going to see Mamma Mia! for the tenth time.

New York Free Wifi

($2.99) Nothing is worse than going from coffee shop to coffee shop trying to find a usable Wifi signal. This handy app helps you eliminate the guesswork and allows you to find free Wifi spots with ease. It even lets you know what the signal is like and rates it based on the experiences of previous users. Note: This app does not help with the blatant glares you'll receive when you order one small coffee and proceed to use your laptop and BlackBerry for five hours. You are on your own with that one.


(Free) TwitterBerry is the most renowned third-party Twitter client available for BlackBerry users. Heck, Katie Couric is a fan. It's basically a simple, easy-to-use Twitter client that makes posting and reading Tweets a breeze. It features all the bells and whistles of similar clients for other devices. Perfect for letting all of your friends know where you'll be partying at that night. It's also perfect for learning where Shaquille O'Neal and Ashton Kutcher are partying that night.

Did we miss any? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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Lawrence Bonk is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn.
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