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Ben Carson: I Would Consider Being Donald Trump's Vice President

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Vice President Ben Carson? He's open to it.

In an interview with Fox Business on Tuesday, the former pediatric neurosurgeon said he would consider being Donald Trump's running mate if the billionaire captures the Republican presidential nomination.

"I certainly would sit down and discuss it with him," Carson said.

Carson explained to Fox Business that if he were to be a VP, he would need to be philosophically aligned with the nominee.

"I would have to have major philosophical alignment with whoever it was. I would have to have guarantees that I could do some substantial things," he said.

He wouldn't say, however, who he wouldn't be vice president for.

"Rather than get into that, let's say as long as there is significant philosophical alignment, I wouldn't have any problem," Carson told Fox Business.

He added, "I'm aiming to really change this country, in the same way that I came up with new ways to do very complex things that people have been trying to do for a long, long period of time. That's what I want to do with this country."

Carson's campaign took a hit over recent months after attention started to be turned to terrorism and foreign policy.

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