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Watch Newborn Elephant Adorably Stumble Right After Being Born

1010 WINS -- It's a boy!

A zoo in Belgium is celebrating the birth of a healthy male Asian elephant.

The baby elephant took a little stumble right after being born at the Pairi Daiza Zoo on Monday, but quickly got to his feet and learned how to walk with the help of female elephants in the enclosure.

""The first few minutes after the birth are crucial for the newborn's survival," zoo vet Dr. Tim Bouts said. "When a calf is born in the wild, the other females in the family rush to help the mother and stimulate the newborn so that he stands up. This is exactly what happened here."

Khaing Hnin Hnin gave birth to her seventh calf after 10 hours of labor and a 22-month gestation.

A day later the little calf got to explore the outdoor enclosure surrounded by his family.

The Asian elephant is an endangered species.

Their population has decreased by about 50 percent over the last three generations, due largely in part to loss of its natural habitat and poaching.

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