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K2 Synthetic Marijuana Epidemic Plaguing Bed-Stuy

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, is dealing with a synthetic marijuana epidemic.

CBS2's Christine Sloan reported the epicenter of the K2 synthetic marijuana problem is at Myrtle Avenue and Broadway. A group of thugs warned Sloan and her camera crew to back off.

"Yes, all the time," resident Yolanda Chaplan Golden said about getting threatened. "They threaten people. They walk behind you, hover over you."

Chaplan Golden said this problem is spilling over into a community park and residential streets.

"You have women and their children and families and they're sitting there smoking, or they're falling, screaming, chasing people across the street," she explained.

Another mother, who didn't want to be identified, said she called 911 twice on people strung out on K2.

"The occasion I had to call an ambulance for someone because I saw someone walking in the street to oncoming traffic," the woman said.

Residents said police have been cracking down, making arrests on the corner of Myrtle and Broadway.

"Yesterday, they picked up four people because they had too much – ambulance came," business worker Elvis Negron said.

CBS2's Sloan said she felt her life was in danger while reporting in the area.

"I felt our lives were in danger standing there so much that we literally got out of there quickly," Sloan said. "I can't imagine what neighbors go through on a daily basis."

Police said they have stepped up patrols in the area, making numerous arrests.

Police also said they raided a deli on that corner.

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