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Beauty Tips To Trick Your Skin

4.1.13 Skin Care Tricks

NEW YORK (WLNY) -- This is no joke.

There are skin products out there that can help you look younger and sexier -- and don't cost a fortune. Beauty expert Rebekah George visited The Couch to show us which products can help you "trick" your skin.

1.    Wrinkle-filling makeup primer - some of today's best primers combine filling properties with light-diffusing particles to smooth fine lines and wrinkles to make uneven skin smooth and flawless in seconds
2.    At-home cellulite treatments - make your legs forget cellulite ever existed! With incredibly new and break-through at-home treatments now available - zap cellulite away in a matter of weeks of have runway ready legs
3.    Anti-aging serums - not all anti-aging products are created equal (especially in today's market), so make sure to use a product that's packed with pro retinol to boost collagen and elastin, leaving skin looking fresher and younger
4.    Wrinkle-filling eye cream - sure, there's nighttime eye repair treatments, but what about one to wear during the day that instantly brightens eye and smooth lines? There are certain drugstore eye products that can do just that - an immediate quick fix for smoothing away the appearance of fine lines with light diffusing particles to bounce light away from the face, helping you achieve a youthful glow in a snap
5.    Anti-aging foundations - make sure to know which foundation is right for you (they're not all created equal!) - certain specialty foundations have brightening and firming properties to target more advanced signs of aging - pick the right one for you and it can transform your skin

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