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B&C Morning Show: Ichiro's New HR Call Leads To Hilarity

With Ichiro Suzuki officially becoming a member of the Yankees yesterday, inevitably Craig got to wondering what the legendary John Sterling might utter when the newest Bomber hits one 'high, far and gone'???

After thinking about it for a while, a call was decided on and it was up to Jerry Recco, Al Dukes and Eddie Scozzare to make the words come to life. Turns out Jerry was the only one actually up to the task, as he 'knocked it out of the park', pun intended.

The fictitious call was accompanied by some music, a number one hit that has spanned four decades, 'Lady Marmalade'. Eventually the spirited effort by Jerry prompted Craig to morph into 'Suzyn Waldman' and celebrate as only 'she' can.

Eventually we heard Alex Rodriguez offer his take on the Ichiro addition, referring to his new/old teammate as a 'fundamentalist' and Brian Cashman apparently conducted a conference call from outer space on the trade.

In summary, this is a piece of audio that is well worth listening to...

LISTEN: Ichiro's New HR Call Leads To Hilarity (07/24)

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