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B&C Morning Show: Giants' Antrel Rolle Has Some Laughs In The Allstate Studio

Giants safety and Super Bowl champion Antrel "At The End Of The Day" Rolle paid Boomer & Craig a visit in the Allstate Studio on Tuesday. And by the sound of things, I'd say all three had some fun.

Rolle talked about the Giants' triumph over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI and everything that led up to that moment.  He told the guys how, even when the Giants were just 7-7, he knew he was part of a special team.  Rolle also talked candidly about players being held accountable and what he expects from his teammates.

He was asked about his spat with Boomer's pal Cris Collinsworth, seemed to get a kick out of Craig's impression of his head coach Tom 'kiss my a--' Coughlin and said he has never been part of or heard anything about any kind of bounty program.

After acknowledging his overuse of  his catch phrase 'at the end of the day' (for which he blames his mother), Rolle was treated to a montage of him doing his thing.

Before saying goodbye, Rolle showed the guys his new chest tattoo -- and drew Craig's attention because of his well-toned, hairless body...

LISTEN: Antrel Rolle Visits The Allstate Studio For Some Laughs (04/17)

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