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B&C Morning Show: Dwight Gooden Talks Mets, Yankees, Drug Use With Boomer & Carton

Dwight Gooden had a roller-coaster career in the big leagues that spanned 16 years, including stints with both the Mets and the Yankees.

Gooden joined Boomer & Craig this morning in the Allstate Studio and really opened up to the guys.  Right off the bat they got into Doc's well documented drug use and the road his abuse took him down.  Including watching the parade following the Mets 1986 World Series triumph on TV, while high in the Long Island projects.

We heard about the circumstances surrounding his no-hitter with the Yankees in 1996 and how his ailing father factored into his decision to take the mound for that game against the Mariners.

Boomer & Craig asked him about the rampant drug use of the Mets in the late 80's, what affect it had on the team's success, and the comments made by George Foster when he joined Craig and NJ Governor Chris Christie a couple of weeks back.

Gooden talked candidly about the ups and downs in his life and the positive affects his stint on "Celebrity Rehab" has had on his drug addiction.  Speaking of "Celebrity Rehab," Gooden filled us in on how his former teammate Lenny Dykstra -- who has a world of troubles all his own -- attempted to rescue him, believing Doc had been kidnapped and hypnotized.  Can't make it up folks...

LISTEN: Dwight Gooden joined Boomer & Carton in the Allstate Studio (5/23)

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