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B&C Morning Show: Craig's Deli Visit Gone Bad

Craig is a creature of habit. To work these hours you really have to be.  When you combine that with his OCD, things can get very complicated very quickly.  Point in-case this morning: Craig made his daily stop at a local deli to get his morning fix and lets just say it didn't go very well.

Speaking of Craig's diet, Boomer's concern for his radio partner's heart continues to grow and he voiced his concern this morning.  Craig has restless leg syndrome, and Boomer recently saw a report that said those who suffer from the condition are at a higher risk of having heart problems.  He assured Craig that his family, especially his lovely wife Kim, will be well taken care of should something happen to him.

Then we heard from "Incarcerated Bob," who echoed Boomer's pledge to take care of Kim if Craig's heart stops ticking -- and then he went at it regarding the Islanders and Boomer's Rangers...

LISTEN: Craig's Deli Visit Gone Bad

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