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B&C Morning Show: Boomer's Old Pal Cris Collinsworth Pays A Visit

After countless encounters on the phone through the years, Al Dukes arranged to have Boomer's old pass-catching mate Cris Collinsworth in the Allstate Studio for a little face-to-face sit-down with Boomer & Craig.

Like Boomer, since retiring from the NFL Collinsworth has made a name for himself in the media and is also quite comfortable in front of a microphone.

It was clear early-on that Collinworth came prepared, immediately mentioning 'Mike Vick' right before his breakfast was delivered to him (can you say 'boughie'?!?!?).

From there we heard about Boomer's relationship with Al Michaels - Collinsworth's partner in the booth for NBC's Sunday Night Football.  Collinsworth also told tales of a brash, blonde-headed rookie by the name of Boomer who arrived at the Bengals training camp with a bit of a chip on his shoulder.

Collinsworth obviously gave his thoughts on Championship Weekend, favoring the Giants because of Eli and the Patriots because well, they're the Patriots.

We also heard about his feud with Giants safety Antrel Rolle, covering the Olympics and developing a relationship with Michael Phelps' mother (never actually met her multi-Olympic Gold Medal winning son) Collinsworth's desire to call an MMA event and possibly get in the ring with Jose Canseco.

Never missing a beat, the 8-year NFL veteran gave a detailed break down of 'Batchagaloop Jones' even going as far as to compare him to Bengals legend Anthony Munoz.  Speaking of Bengals from days gone by, a personal thrill for me as a lifelong Bengals fan myself - the guys invited me into the Studio to meet Mr. Collinsworth and show off my Bengals ink (pictured below)...

(Al 'Hughes' Dukes Photography)
(Al 'Hughes' Dukes Photography)

LISTEN: Boomer's Old Pal Cris Collinsworth Pays A Visit (01/17)

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