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B&C Morning Show: Anthony Mason Talks Knicks With Craig

Anthony Mason paid a visit to the Allstate Studio this morning to chat about the Knicks alongside Craig.

Mason began by praising Mike Woodson for realizing what he had in Carmelo Anthony and in turn making him the focal point of what the Knicks are doing on the offensive end of the court.

When asked about Amar'e Stoudemire and his return tonight against the Cavs, Mason wouldn't go as far as calling Amar'e 'soft' - which is how Craig chose to describe him - but he didn't dismiss the notion either.  That led the 'Mase-Man' to fondly recall the good old days, when men were men and played hurt.

From there they talked about the Knicks' playoff seed and chances of making some noise in the postseason, before Craig asked Mason if he could take a punch.  Then Craig went on a rant about the fast-growing backside of Carl Banks before saying goodbye to Mr. Mason...

LISTEN: Anthony Mason Talks Knicks With Craig

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