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B&C Morning Show: A Reenactment (Of Sorts), A Muppet Assault And An Update

Prior to the start of today's radio program, Boomer had a little warm-up of sorts with former B&C staff member and current WFAN update anchor Chris Lopresti, who like Boomer is a big fan of the Blueshirts.

Craig and Al Dukes were privy to the emotional exchange between the two die-hard Rangers fans, so they decided to try and reenact it for the listening audience - a gesture Boomer did not take to kindly too.

After Craig and Al finished their performance, Boomer proceeded to violently assault Craig's Muppet (pictured), which seemed to make him feel a little better.

Boomer's slight mood swing was a welcome one for Jerry Recco, who was sitting to Boomer's right, prepared to deliver his first update of the morning -- which he planned on starting with the story surrounding the three-game suspension of Carl Hagelin for the Rangers.

While Jerry gave us the finer details, Craig instructed Al Dukes to get the head disciplinarian for the NHL, Brendan Shanahan, on the show so they could get an explanation on the Hagelin suspension. Lo and behold Al did just that - (click here to give a listen to Shanahan w/B&C).

Jerry went on to recap the rest of the action on the ice, before moving on to the Yankees - who won 11-5 over the Angels last night at the Stadium.  The Mets lost to the Phillies 8-2, but took two of three in the series and have an impressive 6-3 record thus far.  As for the Knicks, they fell to the Heat by a score 93-85...

LISTEN: A Reenactment (Of Sorts), A Muppet Assault & An Update (04/16)

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