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B&C Morning Show: A.J. Burnett Bombs, Joe Girardi Panics

Craig built up Tuesday night's start for A.J. Burnett against the Angels, saying the right-hander should be pitching for his spot in the Yankees' rotation.

Right on cue, A.J. did what A.J. does. He pitched well for 5 innings before giving up the booty in the 6th.  After yielding a longball to Bobby Abreu, predictably the wheels fell off for Burnett and when the 6th inning concluded, the Yankees' 1-0 lead had turned into a 4-1 deficit.

To their credit, the Bombers did manage to tie the game up with 3 runs in the 7th, only to have Mariano Rivera allow Abreu's second homer of the game (a 2-run shot) and then see Curtis Granderson get picked off to end the game.  It all added up to 6-4 loss for the Bombers - their 3rd straight setback - and Burnett has still not won a game in August since joining the Yankees back in 2009.

Setting Burnett's latest meltdown aside, Craig shifted his focus to a move Joe Girardi made - bringing Mariano into a tie ball game - a move Craig deemed a 'panic-move.'  Craig went on to explain that he believes Girardi may be suffering from something called "Tight Booty Syndrome" or TBS for short.

So with Boomer enjoying another day to himself, Craig used the platform to express his serious concerns for a team he has an undying love for, the New York Yankees...

LISTEN: A.J. Burnett Bombs and Joe Girardi Panics (8/10)

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