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Basement flooding turns into big problem in parts of Brooklyn

Basement flooding turning into a big problem in Brooklyn
Basement flooding turning into a big problem in Brooklyn 01:55

NEW YORK -- Mayor Eric Adams is warning New Yorkers in basement apartments to be careful of flooding.

It has been an issue in Brooklyn.

The basement of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral on North 12th Street in Williamsburg was one of many buildings that dealt with flooding on Friday. The water, which was said to be 2 feet high at one point, came in from the street level and flooded in through the doors.

Similar to what we saw during the remnants of Hurricane Ida, a lot of people in the area are seeing raw sewage backing up and coming out of toilets and drains into their apartments in parts of the borough.

That's what happened to Thomas Trevisan. He lives in a Williamsburg apartment, where on Friday morning the toilet and bathtub started backing up, and flooding into his basement apartment.

He said there was 3 inches of sewer water for hours until he was able to clear it.

"A lot of these books and keepsakes were ruined. There was issues with the water getting all the way in to where the mattress is. There was a computer that was completely damaged," Trevisan said.

Assemblywoman Emily Gallagher said this has been an issue for many residents in Brooklyn.

"There have been some areas that we have got the storm pipes cleared, but I really think the city needs to make a bigger investment in the equipment to clear storm drains. I don't think we really have the levels that we need," Gallagher said.

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