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Fans: Jumbotron Scuffle With Security Part Of Larger Problem At Barclays Center

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A fight at a recent hockey game didn't happen on the ice.

Fans said security at the Barclays Center overreacted, and they claim it's a symptom of a larger issue.

The new home of the Islanders says right on its in-house advertising that it's a place to create memories -- but not like the kind made on Tuesday.

As CBS2's Tony Aiello reported, guards scuffled with a woman and a man who reportedly tried to move closer to the ice in order to get a better view of names flashing on the Jumbotron.

"The girl saying something about, there's a memorial to her father. They wouldn't let her take a picture. All of a sudden, they decked her,"  Scott Wrba said via FaceTime.

Wrba took video of the altercation, and said that Barclays security has been uptight and uncomfortable with exuberant hockey fans since the Islanders moved to Brooklyn.

"We're loud, we love our team, we love the Islanders, we're passionate about it. I feel they don't understand that. If they want to make it our home they have to make it more welcoming," he said.

Numerous fans took to social media to express similar views, including "Barclays does not understand hockey culture," and, "It's not fun to go to a game there."

But one fan called Barclays "great" and said one incident doesn't change that.

Barclays Center spokesman Barry Baum said officials will get to the bottom of what happened.

"There was an altercation at the arena during Tuesday night's Islanders game when security guards tried to restrict access to unauthorized guests. We are investigating the incident and reviewing all videos and meeting with staff," Baum said. "We have also notified the authorities. We are committed to the safety of our employees and guests. Any parties found to have acted inappropriately or in violation of our policies and of course the law will be dealt with accordingly."

Last season, the Islanders filled the Nassau Coliseum to an average 95 percent capacity. This season at the smaller Barclays, the crowds have been just at 80 percent capacity.

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