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Injured Bald Eagle Rescued From Tree In New Jersey Backyard

PITTSTOWN, N.J. (CBSNewYork/CBSPhilly) -- An injured Bald Eagle was rescued after being stuck in a tree in a New Jersey backyard.

Drew Daly's chickens were first to spot the surprise guest, perched on a tree fifty feet above his backyard on Monday. The chickens caused a commotion, alerting Daly's wife to the scene, KYW-TV CBS3 Philadelphia's Greg Argos reported.

"We quickly brought them back in so they wouldn't become a snack," Daly said. "We immediately called the wildlife folks and they were very responsive."

Daly and his neighbor, Bucky, watched the bird from their backyards for day. Bucky's daughter, Anna, even gave the bird a nickname -- Lily.

After noticing the bird had an injured leg, experts set up a feed trap near where the eagle was perched with hopes that it would come down to eat.

But on Thursday, the eagle got spooked and flew away, shortly after Bucky arrived home from work. However, the eagle was weak, and unable to get very far. Cawing crows help alert rescuers to where the eagle went, and the bird was found lying on the ground close by.

The eagle was taken to an area clinic where it will be treated for its wounds.

Animal workers say it could be several weeks before the eagle is released back into the wild.

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