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Babylon School District Responds To Wave Of Sexual Abuse And Misconduct Allegations By Former Student-Athletes

BABYLON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- Multiple women are coming forward this week alleging, when they were students at a Long Island high school, they were victims of sexual misconduct at the hands of teachers and coaches.

There are now calls for an independent state investigation as the district places employees on reassignment, CBS2's Jennifer McLogan reported Thursday.

These are the bleachers where a former Babylon High School athlete said she realized she was in over her head with her track coach.

"Told me that he was going to take my virginity because no one else could love me like he did," said Brittany Rohl, who graduated in 2011.

Rohl came forward this week to publicly name the coach she said groomed her for a sexual relationship that lasted through her college years.

Her courage in speaking to the school board made an impact. The floodgates opened and multiple other former student-athletes told their stories of alleged abuse, misconduct and coverup over the past decades.

"It's been hard," said Darcy Orlando Bennet, a 2009 graduate. "Pressed his body against mine, grinded against me, and then moved by body in a way to show me the right way to serve, and I was 14 at the time."

Bennet lodged a report that her tennis coach robbed her innocence.

The school board listened to six hours of human tragedy. It prompted a walkout at Babylon High, demanding everyone's story is heard and addressed.

Calin MacQuarrie, a 2017 graduate, said her coach sent flattering, suggestive texts for years.

"'You're too good for this town,' 'You're too good for this school,' 'No one understands how special you are,'" MacQuarrie said.

Alexia Silverman graduated in 2018 and said her coach manipulated her vulnerability.

"It's really hard to see as an adult looking back on all these interactions and seeing that they're all now tainted, all your high school experiences being tainted," Silverman said.

The superintendent said in an email statement four employees were reassigned based on accusations made at the school board meeting. A fifth was placed on paid leave after receiving tips of additional accusations.

The school has hired outside attorney to investigate. But that won't work, said the father of two former Babylon student-athletes. He's asking the Attorney General for an independent probe.

"So these girls' voices are heard without the shame or the backlash that comes with it, because it is a very small town," said Kenneth Silverman.

Long Island's Crime Victims Center and Parents for Megan's Law are involved.

"Besides allegations being investigated, what needs to happen is very serious changes to policy and law to ensure that high school students, middle school students are protected," said Laura Ahearn from the Crime Victims Center.

"We need to clean house in the Babylon School District," said Rohl, who's now getting her Ph.D. in Florida in clinical psychology.

"I think we all just are trying to make sense of what happened," Rohl said.

The survivors are begging for a clean slate at the school they still love.

The superintendent reiterated in a statement the district does not tolerate abuse of any kind and commended the brave individuals for coming forward.

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