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'Baby Bangs' Wigs For Bald Babies The New Craze, But Not All Parents On Board

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- There's some outrage in the parenting world about what could be the latest accessory for infants: Wigs.

Some babies have it and some don't, and there are some parents going to great lengths to make sure their baby has a full head of hair.

As CBS 2's Emily Smith reported Tuesday, a company called makes that happen with wigs for infants. They come in an array of colors and styles to suit all different bald babies.

Online baby bloggers and other social media sites have taken issue with the accessory. Some local parents also had plenty to say about it.

"I don't feel like babies should be subjected to wearing wigs just yet. They're just babies," a mom told Smith.

"I think kind of the charm of a new baby is the little bird fuzz that they have," said another woman.

"Is it made out of real hair?" one man wondered.

The product is made of silky strands of a man-made fiber, according to the company's website. It's a simple hair and headband accessory.

As a maternity fashion designer, pregnancy and parenting guru Rosie Pope said she has seen some outlandish products.

"It's endless -- baby stilettos were a big thing last year for babies that can't walk," she told Smith.

Pope admitted her daughter gets mistaken for a boy.

"She's pushed around in her brother's stroller, which is all blue, and she has hand-me-downs which are blue, too. But I know she's a girl," Pope said.

Another mom said she has a baby without a lot of hair too, and wouldn't even consider a wig.

"Never the baby wigs. I think that's kind of ridiculous," the woman told Smith.

Her 4-month-old, Ava, doesn't have any hair yet. The wigs are made for newborns to 9 month olds.

"Yeah, no thanks!" one mom told Smith.

While the product's mantra is believing in the beauty of childhood, parents Smith spoke to said bald is beautiful and added they will all grow hair in due time.

The wigs start at $20 and go up depending on custom designs.

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