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How To Avoid Getting A Parking Ticket In New York City

By Deirdre Haggerty

Parking tickets in New York run easily over $100. And that doesn't include a tow and/or boot. It's not fun, but if you drive in Manhattan or one of the outer boroughs, you've undoubtedly received a summons or two — or more — in your lifetime. Driving in New York was such a problem, in 2008 former Mayor Bloomberg proposed initiatives to slow the progression of cars in Manhattan. Yet, the automobiles keep pouring in. Moreover, many employed in the city prefer to drive than take mass transit.

We spoke with David Obstfeld, founder of Ticket Wiper, a new app that helps people fight New York City parking tickets, about some key tips to avoid getting fined. David has always been passionate about helping people, and he found a gift in fighting parking tickets. Many times, people will receive parking tickets for obscure violations that can be challenged with the proper know-how. David uses his expertise to help people challenge parking tickets and reduce or even eschew fines when possible.

He cites one recent incident where a Ticket Wiper user received a ticket for $515 on a code 29 violation, which alleges altering an intercity bus permit. It turned out that this user was driving a passenger vehicle, and this violation could never have applied to that kind of regular passenger vehicle. Without any further explanation from the user, Ticket Wiper noticed the clear discrepancy on the ticket and the Traffic Rules, and was able to argue successfully to have the ticket dismissed, saving that user over $250 in fines.

Sometimes violations are unavoidable. In those cases, Ticket Wiper can help. But if you've been booted, towed, or simply received a ridiculously large fine for a NYC parking ticket, a few tips on avoiding more definitely won't hurt. Whether you are a tourist, new to the city, or collect tickets like baseball cards, the following information on how to avoid getting a parking ticket in New York City is for you.

Mass Transit

If you've driven a car into Manhattan, you've undoubtedly noticed longer-than-usual traffic jams. The reason? There are simply more people on the road. In addition, more people keep their eyes off the road as they text and search social media. As a result, unnecessary braking is rampant and slow drivers inundate the left lane. (FYI: The left lane is for passing only. It is not for driving at or below the speed limit.) Between the cost of gas, tolls, parking garage fees, legal street parking rates, and the tickets you receive, mass transit is the way to get around. And thanks to a variety of transportation apps, you will never get lost and can pay the fares at the touch of your finger tip.

Walking/Ride Sharing

City blocks are generally short, and nothing beats a good walk to work. Not only will you save money, but you'll also get closer to your 10,000 healthy steps per day. Studies in recent years show millennials are forgoing a driver's license due to the popularity of ride sharing and social media connections. More college grads are living in the outer boroughs such as Brooklyn and Queens, with quick, easy and affordable commutes. And everyone with a smart phone knows ride sharing is much cheaper than a yellow cab. Plus, no fines for reading the parking signs wrong.

Parking Garages/Lots

While not inexpensive, parking garages and lots are the best way to avoid fines if you drive into Manhattan. There are a variety of ways to find one closest to you via the NYC Department of City Planning.

City Street Parking - Know What the Signs Mean

So, you are stubborn and do not want to pay for mass transit or a garage/lot, hate the subway and you cannot figure out that Uber app. How can you be sure to avoid a parking ticket? And what in the world does "alternate side of the street parking" mean? To begin, "alternate side parking" is a law governing street cleaning. It is suspended for holidays, which are listed in the link to the left. Feeding the meters is suspended on major holidays. In addition, do a little research before you trek in. Visit to find out what the regulations are on or near the street you work or visit. Please note, the New York City Department of Transportation offers the following disclaimer: "The public is advised that parking regulations are subject to temporary or permanent changes and that posted signage must be observed for compliance with laws and regulations."

If you do find yourself unfairly slapped with a parking ticket, try Ticket Wiper, which helps New York drivers dispute parking tickets. When submitting a ticket to Ticket Wiper, no evidence is needed. Our team of experts reviews each ticket strictly based on the codes and the information on the ticket to identify any defects that will provide a compelling argument for dismissal of the ticket.

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