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Attack On Teacher At Gorton High School In Yonkers Caught On Camera

YONKERS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- A teen was caught on camera allegedly attacking a teacher in front of dozens of students at a Yonkers school this week.

As CBS2's Ilana Gold reported, a student recorded part of the assault inside Gorton High School, at 100 Shonnard Pl. in Yonkers, this past morning.

District officials said a freshman at the high school was seen throwing punches at substitute teacher Ron Santavicca and holding him down.

The altercation prompted a police response.

"It's crazy, 'cause now, like, school's not eve safe," said senior Rocio Vidao. "You know, teachers are even getting hurt, and that's not cool."

Vidao said she watched everything.

"The kid was, like, telling him, 'OK, come at me, come at me,' to the teacher, and then supposedly the teacher went to him, and that's when they started fighting," Vidao said.

She claimed it all started because the student supposedly asked to leave class to use the restroom, and Santavicca would not let him.

"The teacher was, like, telling him, 'Don't leave,' and then the kid came out of the classroom, and the teacher went after him, and that's when the kid attacked the teacher," Vidao said.

The principal of Gorton High School declined to comment on the problems Friday. But the superintendent's office told CBS2 the student in question has been suspended.

"I see him around the school," said another student. "The kid is usually quiet. He don't really do much."

CBS2 went to Santavicca's home in Yorktown Heights to get his side of the story, but no one answered the door.

Santavicca is not just a substitute teacher, but is also involved in coaching football.

"I kind of felt bad," said senior Alejandro Diaz. "Like, I don't think he, like, really even was able to get into a fight with anybody."

The president of the Yonkers Board of Education said the district is trying to find video of the entire fight. It is also investigating to see if the teacher was involved in any type of misconduct.

"He's been a sub for a long time," Diaz said.

During the investigation, Santavicca cannot teach in the Yonkers district.

"It's not supposed to be like that, you know," Vidao said. "When a teachers says no, it's supposed to be a no."

According to the Board of Education president, the teacher was not severely hurt. The student will have a hearing with the superintendent over the incident, and could face more discipline.

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