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Ask An Expert: 2014's Trends With Staying Power

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Staying with, let alone ahead, of fashion trends can prove to be exceedingly difficult for the modern woman, especially when that woman lives in New York City. With new clothing being anything but cheap and styles shifting with the seasons, those new threads can feel drab and dated before New Year's rolls around. Below, Denise Elias, a boutique owner in White Plains, New York, talks about five fashion trends that are adaptable and long-lasting.

Denise Elias

Lola New York
396 Mamaroneck Ave.
White Plains, NY 10605
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Originally hailing from Cuba and later growing up in Miami, Florida before settling in New York, Denise Elias started Lola New York in her basement in White Plains. Patrons would swing by during odd hours, allowing Elias to refine her individualized approach to clothing sales and customer service, which quickly garnered a loyal group of customers. Soon, she and her co-owner Dawn Pasacreta, an FIT graduate and former merchandiser for J. Crew, decided to open their own boutique with the goal of creating a personalized shopping experience for the modern woman. "[Lola New York] is a place where women come to get one-to-one attention," Elias said. "We try to help women feel beautiful and comfortable." The shop looks more like a trendy Manhattan loft than a clothing store, with lavish couches and tables strewn throughout. In the crevasses, however, one can find fashion accessories and wardrobe suitable for a casual night out with friends or a formal dinner party with colleagues. "We want shopping to be an experience," Elias said. "We needed the store to feel welcoming."

Tip 1: Layering Jewelry And Clothes

"Layering has been in for a while," Elias said. "It can be very slimming and adaptable to your situation. Usually you want to wear a t-shirt underneath a fun cardigan and maybe a scarf. You can change the outfit with your day or the weather. What's gotten bigger is layering jewelry, and what I mean by that is wearing multiple necklaces that complement one another in terms of shape, size and color. It creates a very interesting look."

Tip 2: Just About Anything With Denim

Jeans, according to Elias, are a constant mainstay in fashion with slight shifts on the horizon. "Skinny jeans are still very in and will stay that way for a while," Elias said. "Floral patterns on denim tops and jeans have become more popular, and that's a way to change things up. Tapered jeans with some flare at the bottom has become an interesting look, and I don't see that going anywhere."

Tip 3: Lace Is A Surprisingly Versatile Fabric

"Lace," Elias explained, "has the advantage of being either edgy or conservative. It's feminine, it's modern and it can be mixed with different types of fabrics. There are no rules with lace."

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Tip 4: Pastel Leather For All Seasons

"Leather, especially leather pastels, will remain in through the spring and probably well through next year," Elias said. "It's really become an adaptable type of clothing and the most recent designs are meant for ladies of all ages, so it's reaching a wider audience. It's very tasteful, young and hip, and the recent pastel shades are a perfect match for spring."

Tip 5: For Guys, Think About Knit Pants, Tapered Pants And Bracelets

"Changes in men's fashion can be more subtle," Elias said, "but they're out there. Right now knit pants are big because they're so comfortable. But new knit pants look good, too. As far as a more formal look, the form-fitting, tapered pant is a nice, clean, modern look that will be around for a while. No pleats. No cuffs. Stay away from both of those. As far as accessories go, bracelets on men have gotten more popular, and I think that will last. We sell onyx bracelets for men that are very sleek and affordable."

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Matt Thomas has covered Manhattan's music and arts beat since 2005. His stories and articles have appeared in The Village Voice, The Journal of American Culture, Word Riot, and many others. Read some of his other work on his blog ( and

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