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As Snowstorm Moves In, Non-Profit Looks Out For Homebound Elderly

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- As a snowstorm of possible historic proportions heads for the Tri-State Area, one local non-profit is helping to make sure the elderly are prepared.

As TV 10/55's Ilana Gold reported, 475 bags full of food and water supplies are packed and ready to go for some special deliveries.

Volunteers with the non-profit Dorot are picking them up and bringing them to homebound seniors in Westchester County and northern Manhattan.

"This is a really good winter package delivery," said volunteer Mona Yuter Brokaw.

Norma Amigo, of the Upper West Side, received a care package right before the storm.

"I think it's great. I think I'll use some of this, especially the soup," said Amigo.

The 93-year-old lives alone and has no family nearby to help her stock up on necessities or take her anywhere.

"I will not go out if I think it's slippery out because I fell two weeks ago on my side," she said.

And with more snow headed this way, now is the chance to check on the elderly in your neighborhood to see if they need any help, Gold reported.

That's why volunteer Mona Yuter Brokaw spent an hour with Amigo on Sunday, not just giving her supplies, but making sure she's prepared to stay indoors for a few days during the storm.

"To take that extra minutes and just say 'I'm going to the store, can I get you a newspaper or can I get you some milk?'" Yuter Brokaw said.

"It can be challenging for seniors to get out on the beautiful days and you bring in snow and ice and people can be isolated for days on end," said Dorot Executive Director Mark Meridy.

It's a gesture Amigo said she greatly appreciates, especially during the winter season.

"Oh I'm so overjoyed because I'm here alone a lot," she said.

And a gesture that could save someone's life.

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