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A Mother And Daughter Offer Comfort At Anoz Spa In Garden City South

GARDEN CITY SOUTH, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) –  Anoz Spa Boutique is a small business with a big purpose—to make people feel cared for.

"We want to stimulate all the senses. So when you walk in, we want you to transition. We want you to smell the lemongrass. We want you to see the waterfall. We want you to hear the Caribbean sound music. And then, when you go in the room, we want you to feel that touch of TLC, that we care, that we love," co-owner Sharon Webb-Richards said.

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Massages, facials, and body treatments are on offer at the Garden City South storefront, helmed by a mother-daughter team

A licensed aesthetician, Sharon began her career as a makeup artist. After the birth of her daughter Jasmine, she opened her first spa, where she could bring her little girl to work. When Jasmine turned 19, the two decided to go into business together.

For Sharon and Jasmine, co-working requires intention and commitment. They make decisions as a unit, while prioritizing a healthy balance between the professional and the familial. Each brings her own strengths to the job.

"She's really detail-oriented, so she's like, 'Make sure everything's perfect,'" Jasmine said. "I bring the vibe."

"She brings the vibe, and then, I organize it," Sharon said.

Even the name of the spa is an ode to family—it's the backward spelling of the name of Sharon's late mother Zona, a native of Kingston, Jamaica.

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Much of the family hails from the Caribbean. Sharon and Jasmine are mindful of this heritage in decorating their space—ocean blue paint and tropical flower arrangements bring island flair.

And now, they've added breeze and sunshine to the mix.

The plant-filled back patio has become an additional treatment area for clients wary of enclosed spaces amid the coronavirus pandemic. Sharon and Jasmine are continuously adapting the covered outdoor space for safety and comfort as winter approaches.

It's in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak that the spa has found renewed meaning.

Sharon and Jasmine say that visitors come for more than a physical treatment—they're seeking a sense of normalcy and a temporary escape from the stress of our current climate.

"This feels like a much-needed vacation for a lot of people, even if it's for an hour," Jasmine said.

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Sharon finds joy simply walking through the door each workday.

"I have a sense of peace here, and I feel a sense of purpose, that we're really helping so many people feel better about themselves and their lives," she said. "There's nothing more gratifying than that."

ANOZ Spa Boutique
281 Nassau Boulevard
Garden City South, NY 11530
(516) 782-1597

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