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Long Island nonprofit targeted in robbery overwhelmed with donations, sends supplies to hurricane-ravaged Florida

Long Island nonprofit sends supplies to Florida with community support
Long Island nonprofit sends supplies to Florida with community support 01:59

EAST PATCHOGUE, N.Y. -- A local nonprofit that helps low-income families was targeted in a robbery last week, and since CBS2's story aired, a Long Island community has rallied around their thrift shop.

CBS2's Jennifer McLogan reports so many donations poured in, they are now being sent to hurricane victims in Florida.

"This is really overwhelming. I feel very emotional," said Debbie Loesch, founder of Angels of Long Island.

It's been a rough week for Angels of Long Island, the popular nonprofit thrift store that supplies low-cost or free food and clothing to those in need. They were robbed of $1,600, jewelry and debit cards. Police say a customer pretending to shop was arrested.

"People saw us on CBS, and they came into the store. Close to $10,000 was raised. Thank you to you guys," Loesch said.

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Loesch and her family immediately decided to give back.

"Yeah, giving feels good," she said.

She announced cash and goods will be headed to hurricane-ravaged Florida.

"This community is just phenomenal," Loesch said.

Angels of Long Island staff say their hearts melted with the show of support from the community as hundreds reached out to help.

"We came to help Debbie and the Angels 'cause they're helping everybody down in Florida," said Dawn Banks, a donor from Blue Point.

"It's nice of them to do what they're doing. This is a great thing," said John Wagner, a donor from Patchogue.

"We had Sandy so many years ago and we all needed help. I think it's just important to give back," said Jane Hardy, a donor from Medford.

Nonperishables came in by the carload, and Relocations Moving and Storage, a local company from Hauppauge, donated a truck to take the goods to a Fort Myers, Florida, church that's waiting for supplies.

"Our mission is to help anyone in crisis, so we try to help any way we can," said Loesch's daughter, Brittany Loesch.

"I want to donate a brand new pair of sneakers," one woman said.

"And if we can do this, it lifts my spirits," another woman said.

"So, it's a chain reaction," Debbie Loesch said.

A chain reaction of caring, outreach, paying forward.

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