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Cuomo's Executive Assistant Brittany Commisso Speaks Publicly About Groping Allegation; Top Aide Melissa DeRosa Resigns

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The woman who filed a criminal complaint against Gov. Andrew Cuomo for groping her is speaking out.

It's just the latest shoe to drop in the ongoing sexual harassment case against the New York state's chief executive, CBS2's Marcia Kramer reported Sunday.

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The woman, identified only as "Executive Assistant #1" in Attorney General Letitia James' scathing report about the governor's conduct, is anonymous no longer. Speaking exclusively to CBS This Morning, Brittany Commisso explained why she decided to start the legal ball rolling.

But that's not the only development. The governor's top aide, Melissa DeRosa, has suddenly resigned.

"It was the right thing to do. The governor needs to be held accountable," Commisso said.

"And just so I'm clear, again, being held accountable to you means seeing the governor charged with a crime?" CBS This Morning's Jericka Duncan asked.

"What he did to me was a crime. He broke the law," Commisso said.

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Commisso told investigators for Attorney General James there were multiple instances when the governor engaged in close and intimate hugs, including one instance when she snapped a selfie and, she claims, Cuomo put his hands on and then rubbed and grabbed her butt.

Another time, she said, the governor groped and grabbed her breast.

"Then there started to be hugs with kisses on the cheek, and then there was at one point a hug and then he went to go kiss me on the cheek, he'd quickly turn his head and he kiss me on the lips," Commisso said.

"What did you say?" Duncan asked.

"I didn't say anything. I didn't say anything. I didn't say anything this whole time. People don't understand that this is the governor of the state of New York. There are troopers that are outside of the mansion and there are some mansion staff. Those troopers that are there, they are not there to protect me. They are there to protect him," Commisso said.

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Commisso said she originally thought she would take her experiences to the grave, never talk about it, but she apparently broke down when she saw Cuomo insisting at a press conference that he didn't do anything wrong.

Last week, he was still insisting her story was false.

"This just did not happen," Cuomo said.

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Apparently after hearing that, Commisso filed a criminal complain with the Albany County Sheriff's Department.

"I have a young lady that came in who is alleging she was victimized and we're going to do everything in our powers to help her," Sheriff Craig Apple said.

Cuomo lawyer Rita Glavin fired back.

"What he did, which I thought was interesting, was that 'We're going to do everything in our power to help her,' and that gives me a lot of pause that he hasn't done any investigation and he's drawn a conclusion," Glavin said.

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Glavin also attacked the attorney general's report.

"There was evidence that they collected and that they ignored and omitted putting in their report," Glavin said.

Meanwhile, DeRosa, the secretary to the governor, a woman who was mentioned in the attorney general's report as often as Cuomo, suddenly resigned Sunday night.

She said in in a statement, "It has been the greatest honor of my life to serve the people of New York for the past 10 years. New Yorkers' resilience, strength, and optimism through the most difficult times has inspired me every day. Personally, the past two years have been emotionally and mentally trying. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such talented and committed colleagues on behalf of our state."

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The attorney general identified DeRosa as one of the people who helped create a hostile work environment, and spearheaded a campaign to question the credibility of Cuomo's first accuser, Lindsey Boylan.

Many in Albany circles wonder if DeRosa's resignation means the governor realizes he might also have to step down, Kramer reported.

Meanwhile, the Assembly impeachment investigation is moving forward. The committee will hold a status meeting in Albany on Monday. The committee has given the governor until the close of business Friday to submit his defense.

You can hear more from Commisso on Monday morning. The exclusive interview with CBS This Morning and the Albany Times Union airs at 7 a.m. on CBS2.


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