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Amazon delivery worker hailed as hero for warning Rockland County family about fire at their home

Exclusive: Amazon driver credited with saving family from fire speaks out
Exclusive: Amazon driver credited with saving family from fire speaks out 02:04

BLAUVELT, N.Y. -- A knock on the door from an Amazon delivery driver may have saved a couple from injury or death.

Police in Rockland County consider her a hero. She spoke exclusively with CBS2's Tony Aiello on Monday.

The damage on Regina Court in Blauvelt is terrible to see. A home was destroyed by a fire and a family's possessions were largely ruined.

But the couple who lived there escaped without injury before the flames grew into an inferno, thanks to Amazon delivery worker Brianna Tuckey.

"I noticed the whole back of the house was pretty much in flames," Tuckey said.

Tuckey was driving to her last stop Friday evening when she spotted the fire. She called 911 and ran to the door.

"I was like, 'Ma'am your house is on fire,' and she was almost like in disbelief at first. I don't think she believed me right away. Then she started like to panic and we got the cat out, her husband came out. It was definitely a little bit of a shock," Tuckey said.

Orangetown police credit Tuckey with quick thinking and fast action.

"Noticed that it was a fire, you can lose lives that way. She took the steps, she banged on the door, she went towards the fire, really, at that point and we really appreciate that," Chief Donald Butterworth said.

It was a frightening situation, for sure. Tuckey told Aiello she's generally a calm person, who keeps it together under pressure. She said she thinks she inherited that from her dad.

Timothy Tuckey is a cop in Haverstraw, New York.

"That definitely has something to do with me wanting to be helpful. My dad kind of instilled that in me, so," Brianna Tuckey said.

She said while it hurts to see a family lose so much, she's grateful everyone escaped.

"Everyone was safe, and that's all I wanted to see," Brianna Tuckey said.

Her most important delivery was a warning that may have saved lives.

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